M e n u

Call For Paper

The International conference on Multi-Strategy Learning Environment 2024 will be held in Dehradun, India on 12-13, January 2024 . The conference is dedicated to all algorithmic and theoretical aspects of learning. We invite novel and unpublished submissions with contributions to new or existing learning problems including, but not limited to:

Track 1

  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • visualization or interpretation of representations
  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised representation learning
  • Representation and reinforcement learning
  • Deep learning theories and practices
  • Computer vision and natural language processing
  • Hierarchical models and optimization methods for learning
  • Interpretability and explainability of AI algorithms
  • Track 2

  • Adaptive data analysis and selective inference
  • Robustness of learning algorithms to adversarial attacks
  • Learning with combinatorial and algebraic structure
  • Game theory and learning
  • Learning from complex data sources e.g., time series, networks
  • Probabilistic graphical models and learning
  • Reinforcement learning and Interactive learning, and control
  • Multi-Strategy Learning (MSL) in distributed and streaming environments